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All about sunroofs

Sunroofs are making a comeback. In addition to an attractive appearance, they improve the ventilation of the car interior, even without opening the side windows. Such ventilation prevents debris from entering the interior, which inevitably accompanies the opening of the side windows. If your car has been broken for a long time, not only the sunroof, but other parts as well, then contact here:

Car hatches are available in a rectangular configuration in sizes from 0.3 * 0.7 m to 1.1 * 0.8 m. It can be closed and opened manually or by pressing a button.

Hatches are equipped with a sturdy metal frame so the roof does not lose its rigidity.

Some auto manufacturers offer a sunroof installation in the car already at the stage of its production. If this option is not available, there is a list of hatches that will fit your model.

Depending on the type of opening, a distinction is made between:

sliding – when the hatch is placed parallel to the car roof when it opens;
lift-up – when opened, the hatch rises with one edge above the roof.

On the pluses of the installation avtolukov told above. Disadvantages are the following:

in an accident with the overturning of the vehicle, the open sunroof is pressed into the interior and causes additional injuries to passengers;
The sunroof is not able to fully replace the air conditioner – it does not make the air cooler, but only refreshes it;
If you want to get rid of the hatch, the procedure will not be cheap. You may even have to replace the roof.
Hatches can fail. Possible malfunctions include:

leaking – due to wear and tear of the gasket between the frame and the cover or poor installation quality;
jamming of the mechanism – the problem is typical for hatches with electronic opening, which when jammed cannot be opened by hand.
Well-known manufacturers of hatches:


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