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Car alarm system: what do you need to know?

Buying an expensive car, you need to take care not only about the maintenance, but also about its safety. If you want the car to serve you for many years and remain untouched by hooligans and thieves, you need to know how to choose a car alarm and where it is best to install it, what types of security systems exist and what you need to pay attention to when buying. Well, if for one reason or another the car stops running and the price of repair is inadequate, then turn the car in for recycling:

Car alarm system is an indispensable attribute for all car enthusiasts who are concerned about the safety of their vehicle. The alarm system is installed in the car and informs the owner and the people around him about the theft and stealing things from the car. The device is aimed at a quick response and prevention of theft. However, despite all the advantages, the device will not prevent the theft, but will only alert about the intentions of the offender.

Car alarms are divided into several main types, with the characteristics of which you should familiarize yourself before buying.

One-way type – budget devices with minimal features and a small range. Does not contain a notification channel with the owner, in the case of an encroachment on the vehicle emits a sound and light signal.

Two-way type – optimal for motorists, as the gadget is equipped with two-way communication. The owner of the key fob is given the opportunity to fully control the car at a distance of up to three hundred meters. Information about the state of the car displayed on the screen, the alerts received on the remote unit, broadcast by means of vibration or a melody.

With auto start the engine – a device that has a function of remote start the engine with feedback. Can be installed on any car with a manual transmission. There is a function of setting the autostart on a timer or by direct pressing of a button.

With programmable functions – alarms, the functionality of which can be changed using special buttons or a combination. Backlight mode, the intensity of the sound signal, locking the doors – configure the device to your liking and needs.

With GSM GPS module – the presence of the module allows you to control the car from your phone. The owner will always be able to track the location of his car, and also to check its status by sending short messages through GSM channels.

How to choose a car alarm

Both experienced car enthusiasts and beginners may wonder “how to choose a car alarm system”, what you should pay attention to when choosing one. Questions should be approached comprehensively and you should first understand the price range, functionality, as well as what protective tasks should perform the device. The answers to these questions will help you choose the best alarm system for your wallet and needs.

Budget. You should understand that different security needs mean different price category. Simple devices that can scare off the local hooligans have a minimal set of features and are not overpriced. To counteract inept thieves and intruders, mid-priced devices will do. Security systems will cost more than the average price segment.

Security features. The type of signal coding is an important parameter of an anti-theft system. The one-way type of radio coding is provided in the budget models and is suitable for minimal car protection. Two-way coding is a modern version of the anti-theft system, equipped with protection against code-grabber scanning. You should pay attention to the range of the signal, for comfortable use, the range is about 800 meters. A large number of radio channels is also an advantage when using the alarm system in large cities, the maximum allowable number of channels – 512.

The comfort of use. Questions of comfort are subjective, but a number of convenient functions will serve as a nice bonus: remote engine start, delayed start function, auto search, programmable components, turbo timer.

Where to install the alarm system

Installing the car alarm system is a painstaking and requires certain skills. Artisanal installation of the device with your own hands in the garage can lead to a breakdown of the device itself and the appearance of malfunctions in the electronics of the car. Installation of security equipment should be carried out by a master with experience and special tools.

Where is better to connect the car alarm system?

The dealer center, where the purchase of a new car was made. There is a warranty for this type of work, and the masters of the centers are familiar with all the subtleties of technical equipment of your car brand. The cost of installation at dealership centers is higher than at other service outlets.

Specialized car alarm centers. Buying a gadget at a center specializing in the sale of a particular brand, you can immediately install the alarm system.

Car repair shops, service stations. The most budget option. When choosing a car repair shop, pay attention to the reviews, as well as the availability of a warranty on the work performed.

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