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Car mats for the luggage compartment: a clean trunk – happy driver

A clean and well-maintained vehicle will delight any driver and make a good impression on passengers. And thanks to special car mats, you can keep your vehicle in good condition with minimal effort. As for the old car, it can be handed over to the scrap yard near me.

A mat to the trunk is one of the best inventions of mankind, which is valued by all motorists. A simple product at first sight has a valuable functional value and effectively helps the owners of vehicles to keep order and cleanliness in the cargo area.

Useful auto accessories

Conducting an assessment of the factory trim materials designed for the arrangement of luggage compartments, it becomes very obvious that the manufacturers are far from the problems of transporting goods. Transportation of household items, construction materials, food baskets and garbage cans from the country house, car accessories, winter tires and other objects does not pass without a trace. Common “side effects” of such transportation are dust, dirt, debris, and stains that are difficult to remove from the trim.

In order to avoid these troubles it is worth using car mats, there is a great variety of them. Such products are specially molded in accordance with the configuration of the body models and brands of cars, so as to maximize coverage of the working area of the cargo compartment.

Modern autowalls are made of durable and long-lasting materials and have a surface, from which all possible traces of transported cargoes are easily removed.

Common variants of car carpets

The most popular on the market are models made of rubber. Durable, flexible and inexpensive rubber mat to the trunk, as a rule, is equipped with special sides, which increase the effectiveness of the product. Such car accessories perfectly fit the floor covering, do not slip, are not deformed, have resistance to abrasion and are very easy to care for.

Worthy competitors of rubber mats are polyurethane mats for cars. They have anti-slip properties, are easy to use and maintain, perfectly withstand temperature falls, reliably retain moisture and dirt on the surface. The key advantages of polyurethane models – durability, wear resistance and affordable price.

A relative novelty in the market are rubber-plastic mats. Such products have increased strength and resistance to wear and tear, are easily cleaned from dirt and debris, do not harden in the cold season and look very aesthetically pleasing. These models are more expensive than conventional rubber or polyurethane. At the same time, they last much longer than their counterparts.

When it comes to buying car mats for the luggage compartment, it is worth choosing goods, assessing all the possible options for their use and the likelihood of transporting the most unpredictable cargo.

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