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Despite the fact that with each season motor transport becomes a little more accessible, the purchase of a car is a big investment. And therefore it would be desirable to know in advance criteria which will help not to make a mistake in a choice not to regret the acquisition in some time.

The choice is traditio

nally influenced by: the character, marital and social status, personal budget, the nature of work. Besides personal preferences, you should pay attention to some characteristics of the purchased car. After you buy a new car, don’t forget to turn in your old car here:

Age: new or used;
Safety level;
Type of a gearbox.
First of all let us define: new or used. The main advantage of the second option is a much lower

cost, compared with new counterparts. The main disadvantage is that the car “used” may not have a factory warranty, so all the defects

discovered after signing the contract will have to be repaired at your expense.

In principle, you can insure yourself by requiring the seller to go through the complete vehicle diagnostics. You can also rely on a large car sales company with a good reputation, which sells cars of different brands, both new and used.

The new car is also not without flaws. It is known that as soon as the car leaves the showroom, it begins to lose value. During the first three years the car will lose about one third of its value.

Experts recommend to buy a car with the cost comparable with the annual income. Before purchase, you should calculate the approximate annual maintenance of the “iron horse”. This amount will include the cost of fuel, maintenance every 10-20 thousand kilometers, and the cost of insurance. So we will know the approximate monthly expenses after purchase of the car.

All other criteria are determined by the character of supposed exploitation: the character of road surface, number of passengers, possible cargo.

The important criterion is the safety level of purchased car. Availability of information about the high safety level of the model in the crash-tests should speak in favor of its purchase.

Regular increase of fuel prices, with the need of regular and long trips, speaks in favor of the most economical models. Diesel engines show the best economic performance. Unfortunately, not all cars have diesel modifications.

It is necessary to pay attention to the reviews of motorists about the reliability of cars. Owners love to tell about their “iron favorites”. You can find out in advance the strengths and weaknesses of each model, what to expect during operation.

The reviews of real people should be of interest, because the car companies try to embellish their products.

Another criterion is the choice between manual and automatic transmissions. The lovers of mechanics assure, that they feel more control over the car this way. Those who have been in traffic jams or on long trips prefer the automatic. In these situations, automatic transmission significantly simplifies control.

Following the above criteria, you will choose a suitable car, so that each trip delivered only pleasant emotions.

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