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How to identify a clogged catalyst on a car?

Modern cars are equipped with catalysts, the main purpose of which is to improve the environmental friendliness of cars. However, as the car is used, the catalyst begins to clog, it does not perform its functions, the load on the engine invariably increases, which can lead to critical malfunctions. It is necessary to identify such problems with the catalyst in a timely manner, contact the service and carry out car repairs. Sometimes it makes sense to use the service at once scrap car removal scarborough.

Symptoms of malfunctions
The car owner should pay attention to the behavior of the car, which will allow him to timely identify problems with the catalyst, replace or cut it out in time. Most often, such machines have problems with starting the engine, and even after starting the engine can stall. Also, the corresponding CheckEngine warning lights up on the dashboard.

A clogged catalyst is also indicated by a noticeable decrease in the power of the car, the car does not react well to pressing the gas pedal, and at the same time there is a significant increase in fuel consumption. Also, when starting the car, white smoke with an unusual pungent smell, which was previously absent on a working car, may go out of the exhaust pipe on a cold one.

It should be understood that the appearance of such problems with the catalyst is a natural process. With the use of the car, the catalyst becomes clogged, which leads to the need to replace or remove it. At the same time, the use of low-quality fuel or the operation of a car with serious engine malfunctions invariably leads to the premature death of the catalyst, and the need to replace it may appear already at a run of 100,000 kilometers.

Therefore, for the purpose of prevention, the car owner should refuel exclusively at proven gas stations, also maintaining the good technical condition of the car. It is necessary to eliminate all problems with the ignition system, it is imperative to change the fuel and air filters at the mileage recommended by the automaker. In this case, early problems with the catalyst can be excluded, which will last about 200 thousand mileage.

Self-diagnosis of catalyst malfunctions
The state of the catalyst can be determined with maximum accuracy by only opening the cooling system and inspecting such a filter element. However, by indirect signs, it is also possible to determine the state of the catalyst, for which the car, after a long active drive, is driven onto a lift or pit and the catalyst is inspected, which, being clogged, heats up and overheats. You can also put your hand on the exhaust pipe while the engine is running, which will allow you to assess how freely the exhaust gases escape.

In service conditions, special devices are used to diagnose the catalyst, which allow measuring the exhaust pressure, after which the obtained parameters are compared with the optimal ones and a decision is made on the need to replace the catalyst. The readings from the lambda probe can also be read, this allows you to determine how well the fuel burns in the cylinders, and whether the catalyst is performing its functions. In the event that it is determined that the malfunction lies precisely in the catalyst, the car owner needs to decide whether such a filter will be replaced or cut out, the control unit is reprogrammed and special tricks are installed.

Possible repair
It is worth making a reservation that it is not possible to restore a clogged catalyst. Therefore, a car owner with such problems has two solutions. This is either the replacement of the catalyst, or its mechanical removal and reprogramming of the control unit. According to the current environmental legislation, which is not so strict in Russia, it is guaranteed that there will not be any problems when using a machine with a remote catalyst. It is not surprising that many car owners, if they have problems with the catalyst on their car, still decide to cut it out and reprogram the ECU. In the latter case, special tricks are installed, while, provided that such work is done correctly, the power of the car even increases, and there are no problems with the operation of the car.

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