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Overhaul of old engine or purchase of contract engine?

Increased oil consumption, drop in pressure, compression, increasing fuel consumption are symptoms of serious problems. Malfunctions are indicated by thick bluish smoke, reduced power and throbbing. Hydraulic shock, operational disturbances, overheating, traffic accidents are reasons for concern.

First of all, it is recommended to remove the engine and make an inspection and defectology, to make a decision based on the results. But sometimes none of the options is suitable simply because it is more profitable to buy a new car. But don’t feel bad: you can always get money for your old car, regardless of its condition:

In favor of an overhaul, the fact that when professionally performed, the motor parameters become close to the factory characteristics of a new engine speaks in favor. At the partial repair the oil seals, rings, gaskets and liners are to be replaced. At full repair the valves and valve sleeves, pistons and oil pump are also replaced. The repair of the crankshaft, head and cylinders is also provided.

However, the overhaul is an expensive service and often takes several weeks. As a rule, original spare parts are purchased for replacement, which requires a large investment, adding to the cost of the repair itself. Risks are related to poor workmanship, when a motor is just disassembled, cleaned and reassembled – in this case, it is impossible to talk about extending the service life.

The alternative is usually the purchase of a used contract engine.

Experts believe that it is more reasonable to choose the replacement in the following cases:

a rare motor, when it is difficult to find parts for repair;

at a high degree of damage;

when there are difficulties in finding a reliable mechanic, car service;

when the cost of overhaul is considerably higher than the cost of replacement;

for a deliberate change of characteristics, increase of power.

What is a contract engine and what are its advantages?

A used engine is a part that has been used on the car operated in Japan or Europe. Contract parts are called because companies buy them under contract from scrap yards and at auctions.

As a rule, vehicles are driven abroad in compliance with the stringent requirements, undergoing regular inspections and timely maintenance. The useful life before importing the motors into Russia is usually no more than five years. Later it is more profitable for the car owners to buy a new car and dispose of the old one.

The main argument for buying a contract motor is the cost. It comes out two or three times cheaper than the cost of overhaul.

In addition, the replacement procedure takes one or two days.

The disadvantage is the risk to get a part with considerable wear or malfunction. It is also necessary to carefully check whether the part corresponds to the car model, in order to avoid purchasing an unsuitable modification.

A significant disadvantage is the need to reissue documents.

How to choose and check a contract engine

So how do you choose a contract engine, to minimize the risks? First of all, do not be seduced by offers with a cost much lower than the market average. Buy the engine through reputable and proven suppliers, with contracts for the purchase of parts directly from overseas companies. It is more reliable to go to an organization that supplies and replaces parts. As a rule, such companies provide a warranty period of a week to 30 days, which allows you to detect possible defects.

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