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What do car owners most often forget to change when servicing their car?

It is difficult to find a driver who would fully follow the recommendations of the automaker and change all consumables and worn-out parts on time. Often, in order to save money, we do not change certain consumables, which can lead to serious car malfunctions. Let’s talk in more detail about which parts drivers often forget to change in time and cash for cars.

Brake pads
Despite the fact that manufacturers usually set a rigid deadline for replacing brake pads, most of us still change them after they have been completely erased. Indeed, the condition of the brake pads, and, consequently, the efficiency of car deceleration will depend on the driver’s driving style. Someone constantly accelerates and also actively brakes to the floor, while other drivers practice a calm and measured rhythm of car control, as a result, brake pads and all elements of the brake system can serve them much longer than something set by the manufacturer.

Conventional brake pads are changed every 20-30 thousand kilometers, however, with a careful attitude and a calm rhythm of driving, such brake pads can last 45,000 kilometers or more. It will not be superfluous to carry out their regular check, you can determine the residual wear even without removing the rim, which will allow you to be completely confident in the condition of the brake system, and, consequently, in the safety of operating the machine. Do not forget only that it is recommended to use high-quality original brake pads that can last as long as possible.

Timing belt
Replacing the timing belt is a rather complicated procedure, it is extremely difficult to perform it yourself. As a result, you have to go to specialized workshops. Naturally, all drivers would like to reduce their costs for operating a car, so we often independently increase such a timing belt service interval, saving on its replacement. However, this often leads to serious engine breakdowns, after which the motor needs overhaul.

It must be remembered that saving on replacing the timing belt can lead to its breakage, after which the piston breaks the valves, and the engine is undergoing overhaul or replacement. That is why you should not save on the timing belt. It is necessary to replace it in a timely manner, using exclusively high-quality and original spare parts. Only in this case it will be possible to be sure that the motor is in good technical condition, and the belt will not break from wear and damage.

Ball joints
During the operation of the car, the suspension and ball joints have an increased load, which leads to their rapid wear and the need to replace them. Usually ball balls can withstand 50-60 thousand kilometers, after which they need to be replaced. Remember that long-term operation of a car with worn out ball joints not only leads to failure of the entire suspension, but also significantly increases the risk of road accidents. You should not save on replacing the ball ones, in the end, it is cheaper and easier to change them at the recommended mileage than to later sort out the entire suspension or repair the car after an accident that occurred precisely because of their wear.

Air filter
Driving with a clogged air filter will increase fuel consumption. Air enters the power unit untreated, which can lead to scoring and other engine problems. Therefore, you should periodically change the air filter using only high-quality original spare parts. The service life of the filter will depend on the specific brand of the car, as well as the features of the operation of the car. For example, in big cities, the filter clogs faster than when using a car mainly on a suburban highway.

Let’s sum up
When operating a car, it is extremely important to timely change all worn-out consumables, and this should be done at the mileage recommended by the manufacturer. We often forget to change the brake pads, air filter, ball joints and timing belt on time. Ultimately, this leads to serious damage to the car and significant costs, which significantly exceed the money we saved on the service.

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