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When and why do I need to balance my wheels?

Wheel balancing is considered a procedure that must be performed after each replacement of wheels, tires, and wheels in general. Today, quite a few workshops perform this work, and the cost of balancing the wheels may vary. At the same time keep in mind that when repairing the wheel, masters advise to carry out this procedure. You should not skimp on this procedure because of the likelihood of getting negative consequences. And it is possible to find money for this procedure by applying to

What is it and why do it?

Balancing of wheels r16 in a tire fitting is carried out in order to ensure that the weight of all components is correctly distributed relative to the axis. With the help of the procedure it is possible to achieve the ideal value, because after the procedure, the center of mass is located on the axis of rotation. This is required so that the wheel does not wobble during operation, respectively the center of mass does not shift.

The wheel must be balanced in different directions of rotation, otherwise special forces will be generated. In this case, the direction of momentum of these forces will not coincide with the direction of the axis, which will cause the appearance of vibrations. Someone may think that vibrations can affect only the comfort of the ride, but in fact, it is not so. They have a negative impact on the operation of many systems of the car, separately it should be said that the safety on the road is also questioned.

Incorrect operation – what does it lead to?

The optimal solution is to contact a proven organization, for example, here perform the procedure well. The consequences of improperly performing the procedure will not please motorists:

1. If vibrations occur, the grip with the roadway deteriorates, so it will be more difficult to drive the vehicle. If attracted by the price of balancing wheels in Moscow, it is worth wondering whether you can trust the organization. With vibrations, the braking distance becomes longer, which makes driving not safe.
2. The tread due to uneven load wears out much faster, which leads to the rapid replacement of the tires.
3. Suspension will fall into disrepair faster, all of its parts will wear out faster, which will lead to waste. Especially the lack of proper adjustment affects the hub bearings. If they fail, there is a risk of losing a wheel on the road. If you do not want to allow the risk of accidents, it is worth monitoring the condition of the wheels.
4. Discomfort at the wheel will be an unpleasant consequence, the driver will be tired faster because of the poor steering, which certainly will not bring positive emotions.

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